What's Biting?


Ventura Harbor Sportfishing Counts & Trends

View Trends on this site to see current and past fish counts by Fish Type, Boat and Dates. Use the drop down menu to search "Last Year" or select another range as you prefer, then click Search. 


Channel Islands Sportfishing (CISCOS) Counts & Trends

CISCOS database can be used to view fish counts and trends by Fish Type and Date. Click on "Dec" to see that years' Trends. Additionally, you can view by Total Catch or Catch Per-Angler


Hook's Landing Sportfishing Counts & Reports

View current fish reports and counts for their fleet



Visit these sites first! Fishing Spots lists locations by County. View Landings for Sportfishing landings. The Fish Reports tab offers several ways to view fish counts, dock totals for some landings and includes links to Salt- and Freshwater reports. 

Where do you want to go? 

Southern and Gold Coast (Local)

San Diego

Northern California


Catch a Whale! On your phone or camera

CISCOS offers whale watching trips from December 26th through April 30th. You may see Orca, Humpback, Gray, Finback or Blue Whales. Also Dolphins, Harbor Seals, Sea Lions and Elephant Seals may approach the boat for a photo op. Great trip to observe our beautiful ocean mammals.

CISCOS Whale Watching Trip