A California Fishing License is required in California

You must have a California Fishing License to fish in California Waters and off California Beaches. Licenses are available at most tackle shops, Sport Fishing landings, or online!

In addition to an annual Resident Sport Fishing license you need to have the Sport Fishing Ocean Enhancement, to fish in ocean waters south of Point Arguello (Santa Barbara County including the Channel Islands).  However, an Ocean Enhancement validation is not required when fishing under the authority of a One or Two-Day Sport Fishing License.

Some Sport Fishing Landings only accept CASH for Fishing Licenses.

ONLINE requirements for purchasing a sport fishing license for yourself or a guest:

  • To purchase a license for yourself, you must provide your name, residency status, driver's license number, date of birth, residence address, height, weight, hair color and eye color.
  • To purchase a license as a gift for someone else, you must provide the licensee's name, residency status, date of birth, and residence address.
  • Must use a Visa or MasterCard for secure purchasing.
  • Must have a printer to print license.
  • Information must be accurate.
  • There are no voids or refunds.
  • For annual licenses, your license will be mailed to you. However, at the end of the transaction you will be able to print a temporary document for immediate use until you receive your license. NOTE: The temporary document will become invalid after 15 days.
  • Temporary documents cannot be used to purchase additional stamps or report cards.  this is an
  • If you need a report card for an immediately planned activity, please go to an Authorized License Agent for the entire purchase.
  • If you intend to purchase a short term license document and need a report card or other privilege not available through this site for the planned activity, please go to a license agent for the entire purchase.
  • Short-term license documents will not be mailed to you. You will be responsible for printing your Short-Term or Temporary License Document at the time of purchase. A working printer is required to view and print your license(s).
  • Please allow ten (10) days for delivery of Annual License.

To purchase your license online use the following link:

On Line California License Sales