Gold Coast Lady Anglers

Ventura County, California

Getting Started

There are many women in our group. Experience levels vary from beginners who have never stepped foot on a boat before to women who fish frequently. Whatever your experience level, the Gold Coast Lady Anglers will take you under their "fin" and get you out on the water having a blast!!!

A common question we hear is, "What do I need to get started?" Here are a few suggestions....


A 7' - 8' medium action fishing rod rated 25-30 pounds and a reel to match are suitable for most of our local fishing. Any tackle shop can help you make a selection that is right for you.


There are a thousand items to choose from when you enter a tackle shop. It can be overwhelming for sure. There are a few basic essentials you will need. Find suggested tackle items to get you started here.
A nice side note is that if there is something that you forget or don't have, in most cases there is tackle available for sale on the boat. The Gold Coast Lady Anglers also buy torpedo sinkers in bulk at super discounted prices. Contact a Charter Diva for details.


Mother nature is rather unpredictable at times. It can get quite chilly at one moment and be a scorcher the next. Being uncomfortable all day can be a miserable experience. Being prepared can make the difference between  a great time and a not-so-great time. The key is being prepared for whatever the weather has in store for us. "How??" you ask, here are some suggestions...

Layers...Wearing layers allows you to peel off or put on as needed throughout the day. Thermal shirts are an excellent choice because they are form fitting and layer easily under a t-shirt or pants. Hooded sweatshirts are great as well and a wind and/or water resistant/proof jacket. Same goes for the lower half of the body...Thermals beneath your pants can keep you warm and always be stripped off if you get too hot. Quick dry materials are the best on all apparel. YOU WILL GET WET! Make sure you bring extra socks and clothing in case you need to change. The Gold Coast Lady Anglers have their own line of apparel great for your fishing experience. See our Shop or Apparel page for details.

Shoes should be non-skid soft soles. Rubber boots are recommended. Open toed shoes are not wise with hooks and heavy sinkers on board. 

Headwear is important as well. Beanies help in the early morning and hats or visors are a good choice for during the day to keep the sun off of you.

Don't forget sunscreen!!! The sun's rays reflect off the water and you can get a burn, even when it's overcast. Spray types are best so you keep the sunscreen off of your hands and your bait!  Lotions are fine as well, however you should wash your hands after application.

Sunglasses are a must!! Protect your eyes. Polarized lenses are the best for the water because they drastically reduce glare.

The Boat

The Charter Diva - A GCLA member is in charge of the charter and will announce their upcoming trip, price and date. If you sign up you must be prepared to pay for the trip immediately. We do not want any charter divas to have to pay out of their own pocket for a trip. Checks are made payable to the charter diva. 

Sleeping arrangements - Depending on what kind of trip you are doing, ie... overnighter or day trip, the boat varies. Overnight boat have bunks to sleep in, day boats typically do not. The boats equipt with bunks keep fresh pillow cases and clean blankets for your use. You can bring a sleeping bag or your own blanket and pillow if you prefer, however be aware there is limited space on the vessels.

Food - there is a full galley on most boats we charter. Ice chest are not allowed, but if you want to bring your own food you can do so in a back pack, etc. Snack and drinks are available for purchase through out the day and a hot grill is open for breakfast, burgers and sandwiches, etc. The boats will stock more health-concious food upon request. Some boats do not have a hot galley and in that case you can bring your own food in a small ice chest. Coffee pots and microwaves are available on all boats. A running tab is kept and you pay your balance at the end of the trip.

Fishing - You will sign in at the Landing before you board the boat. They will assign you a number which you can use through out the day to keep track of your galley tab and the fish you catch. The crew will give a safety speech to let you know where all the safety equipment is located on the boat.  You can enter into a jackpot if you wish. The Jackpot is a pool of money collected to give to the angler who catches the largest fish of the day. The crew will tell you what has been biting as well as the best way to catch them. The crew can help suggest tackle and assist you in rigging up your gear. When you catch fish, the crew will take them off the hooks and place them in your sack. At the end of the day they will ask you what you want done with your fish at which time you can choose to have them filleted, slabbed, steaked, gill and gutted, or left whole. You can also give them away to other anglers or crew. Charges for fish cleaning vary by species, but typically most smaller fish cost $1.00-$2.00 and larger fish cost up to $5.00.  At times the Boat may charge a bag fee - usually $1.00 and you can take it home.

Tips - The crews work very hard for us so we tip them accordingly. The Gold Coast Lady Anglers are well known for tipping very generously and we are proud to do so. We take care of our crews and they take care of us!!!